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Custom Ecological Services


Ecological Consulting Services

Sarver Ecological LLC offers a wide variety of services for your ecological needs. We specialize in wildlife monitoring, invasive plants control, native pollinators, native plant design, and holistic ecological assessment and management.

Ecological Surveys & Assessments

Have Sarver Ecological LLC experts do a Natural Resource Inventory or Ecological Assessment on your property.

Land Design & Planning

Sarver Ecological will guide you through the steps necessary to develop an effective land management plan.

Habitat Monitoring & Management

Let us manage your open spaces, conservation easements, forests, and other properties for the highest biodiversity.

Communication & Outreach

We have extensive experience in creating quality outreach materials including factsheets, identification guides and more.

Who We Are

Welcome to Sarver Ecological, LLC!  We provide custom ecological services to a variety of clients, including conservation landowners, state and federal agencies, landscape architects, and non-profit organizations. We specialize in highly targeted wildlife habitat design, invasive plant biology and control, native pollinators and their habitat, native plant materials, and holistic ecological assessment and management planning.

We are a small, locally-owned company with exceptional expertise and a broad, interdisciplinary network of collaborating professionals. Since 2006, our flexibility has allowed us to provide the best available ecological information tailored to meet the needs of each client and project. We have the expertise to synthesize complex data into the right management decisions from microhabitat to landscape.

Sarver Ecological is not your run-of-the-mill consultant. They are an exceptional team of professionals committed to the highest standards of research and field observation, always completing the promised deliverables while providing substantially more data, information, and context. Their results are exceptional.

Kate Hackett
Kate Hackett
Former Executive Director, Delaware Wild Lands

Featured Projects

Mt. Cuba Native Bee Survey

Mt. Cuba Native Bee Survey

Between 2018 and 2019, Sarver Ecological conducted an exhaustive baseline native bee survey in the gardens and extensive natural areas at Mt. Cuba Center. The survey included passive sampling as well as targeted collecting from over 95 different plant species. We...

Christina-Brandywine River Remediation Restoration Resilience

Christina-Brandywine River Remediation Restoration Resilience

The Christina-Brandywine River Remediation Restoration Resilience (CBR4) project is a cooperative initiative to address legacy toxic contamination, restore the native ecology and prepare for the changing climate as well as other threats to river health in the lower...