Taylors Bridge Coastal Plain Seasonal Pond Restoration and Reforestation

Client: Delaware Wild Lands, Inc.
Timeline: 2022-2024
Location: Odessa, DE

Sarver Ecological is currently restoring 83 acres of coastal plain seasonal ponds (CPSPs) and contiguous tracts of forest at the Taylors Bridge Land Complex in New Castle County, Delaware, building on recent land conservation and restoration success, including the Phase 1 project funded by DWCF. The restoration land includes 45 acres at the Dickinson Farm property and 34 acres at the Passmore Farm being removed from agriculture, as well as 3 acres of currently uncultivated land. We have restored 3 – 4 acres of drained and degraded CPSPs to their original depth and hydroperiod; seeded 80 acres with forb and graminoid species beneficial to pollinators and birds and as stabilizing cover; maintained 6 of those acres as permanent meadow; reforested over 70 of those acres; placed coarse woody debris around the CPSPs over 3 acres to maximize amphibian habitat value; restored surface water isolation to an existing large CPSP to remove predatory fish access; and created a local genotype seed mix for marsh migration.

Principal Ecologist Matt Sarver was interviewed alongside DWL Conservation Programs Manager Brigham Whitman and former DWL Executive Director Kate Hackett for the podcast “Restoration Conversations.” Listen here.

Project Images